Delivery Policy

At Mila and Max, one thing that we care about is making sure that you can get your products fast. We know that you want to get used to working with them, and trying them out on your skin is doubtless exciting. That’s why we’ve went to the extra length to put together a solid, simple delivery system for you to use today. If you intend to get involved with Mila and Max, then you can find that our deliveries are fast, reliable, and consistent.

Best of all, though, our deliveries are FREE!

Our prices are tremendous, but our deliveries are even better. When you order through Mila and Max, you will be ordering from a company that covers all of your delivery costs. You just need to let us know where you are based when making your purchase, and we’ll arrange delivery for you.

This is done through reputed delivery firm Hermes, who we know can deliver our parcels on time and in the right condition. 

Where can you deliver to?

If you wish to get a product from Mila and Max, then you can order to anywhere in the United Kingdom. At the moment, we are only working in the United Kingdom. If you are based outside the UK, then we cannot provide you with a shipment of our products. However, be sure to check back in the future – we intend to start delivering outside of the UK in the future!

When will my parcel arrive?

Once you have made your order and payment is processed, we’ll arrange delivery for you as soon as possible. Our stated aim is to make sure that all parcels arrive within 24 to 48 hours of delivery. However, we will give you all the information that you need to make sure that your parcel arrives in pristine condition and in the right timeframe.

Got any questions about ordering or receiving a delivery from Mila and Max? Then Contact Us for details!