What is onion juice?

While the concept of using onion juice for hair and skin care may sound bizarre, there are a wide range of benefits associated with using it. Onion juice is very commonly used in various forms of natural care and healing for a lot of people. The juice is taken from the onion itself and it’s quite an effective treatment for a few health ailments.

Onion juice has a wide range of beneficial properties however, like a lot of natural products, more work is needed to ensure just how effective it is at treating certain issues. Let's take a further look in to how beneficial onion juice can be for our hair.

Onion Juice For Hair: Benefits

As mentioned above, many of the claims made about the positive benefits of onion juice for hair are still in need of further research. Some of the most powerful claims that are being made about using onion juice for your hair, though, include:

  • A high sulfur content, which is linked to amino acids needed to grow hair stronger.
  • Sulfur also helps with collagen production, which is vital for hair development. 
  • Some studies link onion juice as a useful solution for combating thinning and helping prevent early grey hair from sprouting.
  • It’s also linked with being useful for adding moisture back to dry and/or brittle hair.
  • It’s anti-bacterial nature makes an onion a useful tool for combating scalp infections, too.
  • This could be useful for combating problems like an inflamed and/or dried out scalp.
  • It’s also been linked to being a useful solution for reducing and/or killing off dandruff. 

Onion Juice Side Effects

Unless you have an allergic reaction to eating or using onions, you should be fully safe to use onion juice for hair. It has been linked to a few issues in the past, but it’s not likely to have any long-term issues for you. When used in a high enough dosage, onion juice can be caustic on the skin. However, you should be able to avoid this with some simple dilution of the onion juice before you start applying it.

Also, it’s not going to bring back your hair if you already suffer from major hair loss and/or alopecia. Your only solution there would be to get a hair transplant. Onion juice still needs much more study into it before we can truly say whether or not it can make your hair healthier. For now, though, it’s certainly worth a try. 


Written by Jordan Prichard. Medically reviewed by Dr. Shane Jackson, MBBS. Last modified on 20/05/2020. 


Dr. Shane Jackson a UK based doctor, working within the NHS for 9 years. With experience in both Medicine and Surgery, his time is now spent mainly in Elderly care and Rehabilitation. Outside of his clinical work he has a strong educational presence, teaching undergraduates and foreign doctors wishing to work in the UK. He is passionate about the dissemination of healthcare for all, providing consultancy for health, well-being and biotech startups worldwide. Dr. Jackson is the founder of Acrosophy, which helps school leavers applying to medical, dental and associated courses at the top universities in the country. 

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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