What is helichrysum oil?

For those looking to find natural products to help with things like hair growth you have several options to choose from. A popular place to begin for most people is with the use of helichrysum oil. Like most essential oil products, it’s derived from a piece of nature. This is taken from the golden immortelle flower and has become a major part of health and natural care for many people. 

As a wider part of the larger Helichrysum italicum flower range, this flower is native to Europe and has been used in remedies and healing for many years. But what benefits can we expect to see if we add helichrysum essential oil to our hair care routine?

Helichrysum Oil For Hair: Benefits

If you were to start using helichrysum oil for hair, you would start to notice some changes relatively quickly. This is a powerful product and is known to have some powerful and important healing properties, including:

  • Helichrysum oil has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, helping to reduce scalp irritation and damage.
  • It can also help to boost blood circulation, which is loosely linked to helping to reduce hair loss. 
  • Some early studies suggest it’s a strong source of antimicrobial protection, too, which is great for reducing inflammation and killing off infections.
  • Other studies suggest that it can be a powerful anti-fungal solution, helping to kill off infections that could limit your hair growth or your hair quality.

Currently there is not a great deal of solid evidence to prove the wide range of benefits helichrysum oil can be used for.

Helichrysum Oil Side Effects

If you use this particular oil at a strong enough dosage, it can lead to skin irritation and also headaches. If you want to avoid that, try and dilute the substance as strongly as you can. This will help to lead to reduced discomfort, which can be very important for improving your day-to-day conditioning.

Some studies also link it to causing dermatitis, but this has yet to be proven. To be on the safe side, though, make sure you heavily dilute any helichrysum oil that you choose to use with a carrier oil.





Written by Jordan Prichard. Medically reviewed by Dr. Shane Jackson, MBBS. Last modified on 20/05/2020. 


Dr. Shane Jackson a UK based doctor, working within the NHS for 9 years. With experience in both Medicine and Surgery, his time is now spent mainly in Elderly care and Rehabilitation. Outside of his clinical work he has a strong educational presence, teaching undergraduates and foreign doctors wishing to work in the UK. He is passionate about the dissemination of healthcare for all, providing consultancy for health, well-being and biotech startups worldwide. Dr. Jackson is the founder of Acrosophy, which helps school leavers applying to medical, dental and associated courses at the top universities in the country. 

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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