Medium length hairstyles for men

For anyone running around with medium hair, finding the right style for you is tough. The reason why finding quality hairstyles for medium hair comes down to the fact you are often in the middle stage of growing out a shorter cut. You are at the stage where your hair is too long for a short and cropped cut, but your hair is also likely too short for a proper long haired style. What you need to do if you would like to get around that problem, is to go and look at the numerous hairstyles for medium hair that we have come up with for you below.


Messy yet magnetic

medium light hairstyle

If you are someone with really straight hair, then be sure to try out something like this. It’s a good choice as it’s easy to work with, and you don’t have to worry too much about the actual style of your hair. It’s designed to be naturally messy, so this can work really well in helping you to get your hair to look cool without having to do too much with it in the mornings.


Cropped yet cool

cropped medium hairstyle

If you want to keep some thickness and length to your hair whilst keeping it business-like, be sure to try out this style. OK, you can go a bit longer than this image, but it’s a good example of how medium hair could sit. You don’t have to keep it as short as the image above, but it’s a good choice for you if you want something that won’t make you feel the winter chill without looking too rebellious.


Slicked back

medium hairstyled guy eating family

If you want a classic ‘cool dad’ hairstyle, then be sure to look at what this guy has. It’s easy to get your hair cut into that shape naturally. On top of that, you can also find that your hair – when it is slicked back – will stay in place if you get it cut in the right way. You might need to get used to blow drying your hair into position, though, so try and keep that in mind!


The contrast

medium hairstyle black man

For guys with curly or frizzy hair, going for something like this excellent contrast is a fine idea. The best thing is that you can grow your hair longer on top whilst keeping the sides neat and short. It also works great if you have a beard as you can blend the beard in to the sides of your hair. If you want to look cool, something more bohemian like this should work really well. 


The contrast, part two

medium hairstyle black man

If you like the above but want even more of a contrast for medium hairy, take a look at this instead. It’s got much of the same characteristics – short on the sides/back, long on the top – but it has much more volume. This style works well for those who have thick or textured hair who are looking for a longer hair style but want something that is easy to manage. With the sides cut short, this leaves most of the focus on the top of the hair making it easier to style.


Written by Jordan Prichard. Medically reviewed by Dr. Shane Jackson, MBBS. Last modified on 20/05/2020. 


Dr. Shane Jackson a UK based doctor, working within the NHS for 9 years. With experience in both Medicine and Surgery, his time is now spent mainly in Elderly care and Rehabilitation. Outside of his clinical work he has a strong educational presence, teaching undergraduates and foreign doctors wishing to work in the UK. He is passionate about the dissemination of healthcare for all, providing consultancy for health, well-being and biotech startups worldwide. Dr. Jackson is the founder of Acrosophy, which helps school leavers applying to medical, dental and associated courses at the top universities in the country. 

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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