What is coco glucoside?

When you are looking into the various ingredients that you can find in your products today, one that might come up is coco glucoside. Coco glucoside is a natural surfactant which is non-ionic. It’s an ultra-mild substance and is one of the most effective cleaning agents that we know of without having any kind of negative impact on what it touches.

This vegetable-based surfactant is normally taken from either coconut oil or palm kernel oil. The glucose normally comes from corn or wheat. It’s become a natural ingredient that is commonly used in various products today. 

For years, it has been used in cleaning products and also works as an effective foaming agent. It’s a fantastic choice for just about anyone who wants to find a solution that they can use in natural hair or skin care. With this product, you can enjoy its usage without having to worry about it having a detrimental impact on your skin in any way. It’s used quite a lot for the fact that it can create such a great foaming substance. This is why it’s commonly used in place of other non-ionic surfactants. The foam is great for making sure that we can create things like shower gels and even bubble baths naturally.

It’s a fine choice for just about anyone who is looking to find an effective solution for making sure that a product can foam up accordingly. It’s great for combining with other surfactants, too, without it causing compatibility issues. 

Coco glucoside has been used in various natural cleaning products for many years and is listed as being a 'green' surfactant meaning it is largely made from renewable resources and has low toxicity level. 


Written by Jordan Prichard. Medically reviewed by Dr. Shane Jackson, MBBS. Last modified on 20/05/2020. 


Dr. Shane Jackson a UK based doctor, working within the NHS for 9 years. With experience in both Medicine and Surgery, his time is now spent mainly in Elderly care and Rehabilitation. Outside of his clinical work he has a strong educational presence, teaching undergraduates and foreign doctors wishing to work in the UK. He is passionate about the dissemination of healthcare for all, providing consultancy for health, well-being and biotech startups worldwide. Dr. Jackson is the founder of Acrosophy, which helps school leavers applying to medical, dental and associated courses at the top universities in the country. 

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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