Besides Food, What Else Will I Need to Buy for my Cat?


Becoming a parent to a fury four-legged ball for the first time is undoubtedly a heavenly feeling, but it can also be a little overwhelming. It is easy to get tensed and start worrying about whether you have the necessary stuff to provide your kitty with a comfortable and loving home.  

If these are the thoughts you often find yourself engulfed in then, this list will surely make your life a lot easy and hassle-free. In this list, we have provided the names and usage of many products that will make your cat's life a true delight. Besides new owners, many experienced cat owners are also not aware of many of these products, and therefore this list will also be of many benefits to such folks. If you have more serious concerns regarding your pet including losing one, or finding an animal, especially if injured have a look at PaloAltoHumane.


  1. Carrier or Crate


One of the most important things to have before bringing a cat into your home is a carrier or a crate. You will need a carrier to bring your four-legged furballs to your house in the first place. It might sound like a good idea, but you should stay away from homemade crates as they often have ventilation problems. Proper ventilation is essential for your cat's well-being, and therefore you should take your time in choosing a crate. The crate of your choosing should also be strong and sturdy as naturally, your kitten will grow and gain weight, and therefore there is no use in having a carrier if it's going to break after three months. We highly recommend Mod Capsules from K&H pets. It is an excellent product with a rigid exterior and a removable mesh door.

Cats are naturally wary of their surroundings and don't particularly like new situations and will indeed be scared while in the carrier. To remedy this, you should use Comfort Zone spray and scratch control sprays. The calming spray will help your cat calm down and will also soothe their state of mind. It usually takes around 15 minutes for the spray to start its action, so it is suggested to spray the carrier's floor and ceiling before hitting the pet shop.


  1. Food and Water Bowls


It is essential for you to have food and water bowls waiting for your kitty at your home. Your cat will surely be scared and nervous while entering your home for the first time, and therefore having a bowl of clean water lying around will benefit you a lot. Most cats tend to mask their nervousness by drinking lots and lots of water, and that's why we recommend a water bowl already sitting at your place. New owners should also take care while choosing a water bowl as any bowl won't do the job. It is easy for normal bowls to get filled with dust and hairs, and therefore we highly recommend getting a filtered bowl like K&H Clean Flow Filtered water bowl for Cats. This fantastic product filters the water around 130 times per hour through a carbon filter, making the water impurity-free.

It would be best if you also were careful in choosing a food bowl for the cat. Your first concern should be getting a bowl made up of inert material so that it does not affect the chemical composition of the cat food present in it. Common inert materials used for making food bowls for cats include steel, clay, and hard plastic. The size of the bowl should also be in proportion to the size of your cat. It can be really hard for a big cat to eat from a bowl made for kittens and vice versa, and prospective owners should keep that in mind. 

The placement of water and food bowls also plays a very vital role in your cat's health. It would help if you never placed water and food bowls right next to the litter box as cats hate relieving themselves where they normally eat.


  1. Food


Selecting the right cat food can also be a great hassle for new owners as it depends on so many things. Cats of different breeds, ages, and sizes require different cat foods, and therefore, it is very easy to end up with cat food that doesn't suit your cat on the first try. We recommend you to find out what the pet shop or the shelter was feeding your cat and stick with that option. Cats don't like changes in their routine, and therefore not changing their food will be a good idea. Furthermore, your cat will already be going through a lot and adjusting to so much that changing even their food might make them highly nervous and ill. You should provide them with the same product as a source of not only nutrition but also comfort.

Later on, you can start administering food of your own choice after consulting your vet about that. Prospective owners should do their homework about the food's nutritional content before giving it to their furry friends.


  1. Bed


Cats enjoy nothing more than napping around all day long, and therefore giving them a soft and warm bed to dream upon will surely help you win their heart. Cats are not generally picky in choosing where to sleep, but they will surely appreciate a comfy bed of their own. The mattress should be warm, comfortable, and big enough for your cat. It is also essential to keep the bed somewhere your cat feels secure and safe, ideally at a height. We can't suggest a better and more economical product than the excellent Thermo kitty pad as it's a highly comfy bed with washable and hair-resistant sheets that makes washing them a walk in the park.


  1. Litter Box


A good-sized and smell-absorbing litter box is probably one of the most essential products your cat will surely need. There are multiple types of cat litter boxes. The most modern ones are the self-cleaning types; these litter boxes have mechanisms installed into them that allow the litter box to self-clean itself. Although super helpful to owners, these litter boxes are generally expensive, and their complex mechanisms can sometimes frighten the cat, thus defeating their purpose. 

Then there are litter boxes that come with a hood over them, thus offering some well-deserved privacy to your kitty while doing the deed. This is a very trendy option amongst cat owners.

Still, the most common form of litter boxes in use is the old and straightforward litter tray. Owners love them for economic value, and cats love them for being easy to use.

The suitable litter can go a long way in introducing and comforting your cats around new family members. We highly recommend Earth's finest Natural Cat litter as it's a natural, light, and tight clumping litter that is excellent at absorbing smells. This litter is manufactured by using farm-grown products, and therefore they help driving the cats near them.


  1. Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser.


As mentioned earlier, cats are creatures of routine and don't like any drastic changes in their surroundings. That's why moving to a new house and being surrounded by new faces can be a very stressful and nervous episode for cats in general. In this scenario, owners must do anything to help soothe their cats. They can try giving the cat its favorite treat, pet them, groom them or in some cases, leave them alone for some time. But the most effective way of soothing your cat is by using Calming sprays. These sprays contain calming pheromones that help your cat calm down and start treating their new surrounding as a new home.

These stress-relieving methods can help limit the behaviors cats show when they are under stress, like urine marking on the walls or destructive scratching and aggressive behavior.


  1. Scratching Posts


Most people consider Scratching Posts as luxury items and therefore don't provide their cats with one. That's just wrong, as cats naturally need to sharpen their claws to prevent them from getting blunt and breaking off, and a scratching post is the best way to do that. Scratching also has a calming effect on cats, and therefore having a scratching post equates to having a happy cat. 

Owners must keep in their mind while buying a scratching post that it should be sturdy and solid enough so that it won't tip-off, and it should be long enough so that your cat can stand on her hind legs and enjoy scratching sessions to the full.

We recommend you get Four paws catnip carpet and scratching post; this scratching post is a 21inch tall product with a catnip ball hanging from the top and many climbing platforms for your cat's ultimate pleasure.


       8. Toys


Like all other kids, kitties deserve toys too. Cats are playful creatures, and toys are necessary to keep them in a great mood. Getting them toys is for your benefit too, because if you don't give them toys, they will end up scratching other things at home and even you, anyway.


When selecting toys for your cat, try to think as she does. For your cat, a toy is something that they can hunt and therefore scratch and run after them to get a hold over them. Cats, after all, are one of the few animals that like to play with their prey before finally munching on them. So, you have to keep this in mind while selecting the right toy. Cats often like toys that can move quickly, make some noise, and can glow at night. —for example, the toys like remote control cars, helicopters, fake mouses and the classic old Laser light.

 The toys which have hollow pockets inside them are pretty popular. These hollow pockets can be filled with tricks, and your cat will love finding them.


  1. Hygiene products


Although cats are generally very clean animals, they take their hygiene very seriously and can easily spend hours grooming themselves. But still, even the cats may require some help maintaining their hygiene from time to time. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, then the following products will surely help you a lot.


  • Shampoo


The frequency of baths depends specifically on the breed of the cat. There are high maintenance cats who need baths more frequently. Usually, felines only need to be bathed every few months. Given that your cat has rolled in some dirt, she will be in want of an urgent bath. 


You cannot give a bath without a shampoo, can you? There are numerous cat shampoo products available, and usually, natural shampoos are recommended by vets. The shampoo also keeps the cat's coat smooth and makes it look even more fluffy. Besides shampoo, conditioners are also available, but that is not mandatory.


  • Cat toothpaste and toothbrush


Oral hygiene is also a compulsory thing for your furry kid. Gum disease is far too common in cats than you expect. A sticky white film will form on their teeth – if not brushed – which contains bacteria. This can lead to all sorts of health problems. So, it is really important to brush your kitty's teeth.


There are special feline kinds of toothpaste for cats that are a little different from human types of toothpaste. They do not use foam as much as ours do. Plus, they are in tasty flavors, so cats enjoy their brushing sessions too.



       10. Identification


Identification is simply a way of saying," this lovely cat belongs to me," which means a lot for the cat owners. Identification is a necessary step of ownership. Normally, the identification includes the numbered tag you receive from the local municipality on registering your cat. This tag is essential in registering for cat shows. For routine days, there is another more important part of identification: A personalized tag.


A personalized tag has your cat's name on it. Your name and your address are also written on the tag. You can also get all sorts of cute names written on the tag. Just make sure that your cat wears it all the time. These tags are extremely helpful when your cat gets lost, as it helps others identify your cat and return it to you. Another advanced form of identification is a microchip, which is inserted under your dog's skin and can be traced.

Therapy for your cat might also be a good option, see here for more information. 

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