What is Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe vera plants have long been a common part of human healing and body care. These thick plants carry a rich, gel-like substance right in the middle of them. Found across the globe, aloe vera has been used for everything from cooling and soothing wounds to combating skin and hair issues. Let's take a look at how beneficial aloe vera gel can be when used in your hair.

As many people will know, gel and hair often don’t mix together so well. Aloe vera, though, has a centuries-long history of being for human care and healing. However, is it a natural solution to help bring out the best in your hair?

Could this globally used plant really be the solution that you need to consider if you want to get your hair into the best shape that it possibly can be? 

Aloe Vera Gel For Hair: Benefits

Aloe vera gel is used in many ways but using it in our hair is a relatively new concept. Aloe vera gel for hair, though, does have some interesting links to helping improve our hair. Though more clinical research is needed, some studies and research points to the following benefits:

  • Aloe vera gel, when used in our hair, can help to improve the strength of our hair. Useful for those who suffer from split ends and regular hair breakage.
  • Aloe vera gel is a rich source of key hair vitamins, including Vitamins A, B12, C, and E.
  • When massaged in to the hair and scalp, aloe vera gel can help to boost hair growth through increased blood circulation. 
  • Studies also link aloe vera gel to being a powerful anti-dandruff solution, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory substance.
  • It’s been found to be excellent for cleaning hair follicles, by breaking down extra sebum in the hair and removing residue from any hair products that you use.

Aloe Vera Gel Side Effects

So, as we can see, aloe vera gel is linked to being pretty handy when it comes to helping our hair stay in pristine condition. However, if you are allergic to using aloe vera then you should not use this particular product. Rub it on a bit of your wrist or your inner arm and see how your skin reacts.

Also, aloe vera has been linked to some issues such as increased cortisone intake. If you are using any kind of steroid cream with cortisone in it, keep that in mind. Generally, though, many people can freely use aloe vera gel without seeing any major side effects. 


Written by Jordan Prichard. Medically reviewed by Dr. Shane Jackson, MBBS. Last modified on 20/05/2020. 


Dr. Shane Jackson a UK based doctor, working within the NHS for 9 years. With experience in both Medicine and Surgery, his time is now spent mainly in Elderly care and Rehabilitation. Outside of his clinical work he has a strong educational presence, teaching undergraduates and foreign doctors wishing to work in the UK. He is passionate about the dissemination of healthcare for all, providing consultancy for health, well-being and biotech startups worldwide. Dr. Jackson is the founder of Acrosophy, which helps school leavers applying to medical, dental and associated courses at the top universities in the country. 

Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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