All Dog Breeds Explained

Dogs, no doubt, are best companions and “ultimate pet,” and one thing that no one can deny is their intelligence, sugar-coated nature, and loyalty towards their parent. No matter the situation, you will always find them by your side. Even in the office they can provide you and your work colleagues with benefits.  They provide us a sense of joy through their never-ending love and devotion. Even if you’re not willing to fulfill their demands, using their “never-failing” trick, they will get it done in their own way, with just a single stare into their eyes. Pet owners have actually changed their career or have started a side hustle based on the love they have for their furry friend. If you are considering a similar move, have a look at this infograph


The history of dogs relates back to the Grey wolves, that lived 130,000 years ago and are believed to be the ancestors of all the modern dog breeds. This massive variety of dog breeds came into existence as a result of; selective breeding by humans, natural evolution, climate, and region. Artificial “mutation” by humans is the major governing factor that resulted in different types of dog breeds. Because of this, five basic breed skills came into being: hunting, shepherding, guarding, work and company. Here I have listed ‘All dog breeds’ in the ascending alphabetical order. If you want to see which are the most expensive Dog Breeds in case you are strapped for cash and don't want to risk potentially having to give the dog up at a later stage see this post




Weight: 50–75 pounds 


Height: 20–29 inches


Starting with the list is a mix breed dog. This dog has its name ‘Afa-dor’ because it’s a cross between Afghan Hound and well-reputed Golden Retriever breeds. Having Afghan hound’s and retriever blood, these dogs are loyal, energetic, and loving and have proven to be excellent guard dogs and family pets. Besides their size, they enjoy the company of both children and adults and overall possess a calm temperament




Weight: 4–12 pounds 


Height: 6–12 inches


Affenhuahua is also a mixed breed dog with a monkey-like face and falls under the category of ‘designer dogs. This dog breed has descended from the cross between the Affenpinscher breed and Chihuahua breed. Although these dogs are smaller in size, they can be surprisingly active and wouldn’t mind playing with larger breeds. This dog breed is more suitable for the experienced pet owner, as they could be furious or excited at times, but mostly, they are calm and joyful unless forced otherwise. 




Weight: 9.5–11.5 inches 


Height: 7–9 pounds


Affenpinscher are the purebred dogs and were essentially bred to hunt down rats and are available in short and coats. Tough these dogs were generally larger in size, but with time they got smaller and became the ladies’ choice. Affenpinscher is best around the adults, as they are not big fans of tedious gameplay, and they do not like to be held onto against their wish. Despite this, one can find them the best companion and a loyal friend to have.


4.Afghan Hound


Weight: 50 – 60 pounds


Height: 25 – 28 inches


Afghan Hounds, the name suggests, have their predecessors from Afghanistan and are referred to as Tazi. The Afghan hound is believed to be among the oldest breeds, and its history reaches back to the pre-Christen era. This breed has an elegant personality, long silky coat, light bone structure, high energy levels and is best for dog shows. Their owners describe them as aloof and curious. A fair amount of time has to be spent on taking care of their coat and exercise.




Weight: 75–140 pounds 


Height:27–34 inches


Also known by the names ‘Coban Kopegi’ and ‘Akbaş Çoban Köpeği’, this breed originated from Turkey. These dogs fall under the category of guard dogs and are well reputed for their alert and protective behaviors. This breed of dogs is larger in size and is well suited for bigger households, where they can wander freely. They are more of a self-involved type, but their loyalty towards family is unconditional and would protect them no matter what the cost. The Akbash breed is only available in white color.




Weight: 85–130 pounds


Height: 24–28 inches


Akita is a large breed of dogs and are the decedents of the noble breed of dogs from Japan, where they were used for the protection of the royalty. Akita were bred as hunting dogs to be used in the games of hunting bears, boars, and deer. Akitas are born to tackle the situation as they are fearless and love challenges. Despite of Atika’s harsh nature, their loyalty and affection are guaranteed.


7.Alaskan Klee Kai


Weight: 15–17 inches


Height: 10–15 pounds


Physically, the Alaskan Klee Kai is a smaller version of Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky. This breed is only a century old and is energetic like the breeds that it came from. Though this breed is vigilant in nature and can prove to be good watchdogs, they are best suitable as companion dogs. Alaskan Klee Kai finds the company of its family quite soothing, but because of their shyness, they are not fond of strangers.


8.Alaskan Malamute


Weight: 75–100 pounds


Height: 23–25 inches


Alaskan Malamute is built for cold weather. They are a working-class dog, and with their wolf-like features and large tails, they could be intimidating. If you are going to be a first-time dog owner, this is not a recommended breed for you because of its heavy body structure and higher energy levels. They are made for open space and need a lot of exercises. If you plan to leave them alone in the apartment--some things might not look the same as they were before you left.


9.American Bulldog


Weight: 60–120 pounds


Height:20–28 inches


This breed was used for shepherding and other farm works, and with that, they were excellent companions and hunters. Because of their heavily built and muscular body, they are capable of performing heavy tasks and need a considerable amount of exercise depending upon their type. If trained properly, they are good around babies and other pets. 


10.American Eskimo


Weight: 25–30 pounds


Height:15–19 inches


A small breed dog, with charming expressions, white coat, and deep black eyes, also known as “the dog beautiful” by Eskimo lovers, this breed, despite its small body, has an attitude that reaches the sky and is not afraid of larger breeds. They are best suitable for companion dogs because of their loving, caring, and happy nature toward family members and friends but are more reserved towards strangers.


11.American Foxhound


Weight: 45–60 pounds


Height: 22–25 inches


A dog with a calm temperament, sweet nature, and loyalty is what every family desires; American Foxhound carries all these qualities and can be an ideal pet for many families. This breed comes in different colors and has a medium-length hard textured coat. American Foxhound has high stamina and requires extensive exercises on a daily basis.


12.American Hairless Terrier


Weight:10–16 pounds.


Height: 12–16 inches


This curious and intelligent small breed, ideal for allergy sufferers, is more of a happy coincidence and is the only hairless breed of dog in the United States. They are mostly a mixture of red, sable, brown, and black colors. Terriers are companion dogs and are best around children and other dogs. The AHT demands attention, love, and care; therefore, it can be a challenge for novice pet owners to pet them.


13.American Leopard Hound


Weight: 35–75 pounds


Height:21–27 inches


A purebred dog breed from Mexico, American Leopard Hound, is an intelligent, energetic, tough, and friendly creature. Their affection for families and alert behavior make them excellent family dogs. The main colors of the American Leopard hound are red, black, sable, and brown. Whereas the coat is rough from the outside and soft from the inside and requires grooming at-least once per week. 


14.American Pit Bull Terrier


Weight: 30–85 pounds


Height: 17–18 inches


American Pit Bull Terrier is a purebred dog and was used to bait bulls. Now they have evolved to become the “nanny dogs” because of their friendliness towards children. They are famous because of their courage and tenacity and have the tendency of being stubborn, and therefore, early training is essential to overcome this hurdle. American Pit Bull Terrier has a short coat and comes in different sable colors. 







15.American Pugabull


Weight: 25–70 pounds


Height: 12–20 inches


American Pugabull, a cross between American bulldog and pug, is a medium-sized dog breed that possesses some of the best qualities of its parents. Besides being loyal, they are highly alert and playful and require daily exercise sessions. They make excellent family dogs and companions, but their obedience and socializing training have to be done early. Pugabulls are mostly available in their parents’ colors and are rarely of solid color.




Weight: 20–30 pounds


Height: 10–13 inches


Originated through a cross between Australian shepherd and Corgi, Auggie is a mixed breed dog. Auggies, due to their loyalty, friendly and playful features, make great family dogs. They go along with people of all ages, but small apartments and houses aren’t an ideal environment for them; because of their higher energy levels, they need an open space. They are mostly available in a color combination of three or two in colors black, brown, tan, or white.




Weight: 25–70pounds


Height: 10– 15 inches


Smart, playful, affectionate, and loyal, Aussiedoodle is a cross between Australian Shepherd and Poodle. They are also known as Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle. This breed has the intelligence of both parents and is also referred to by the “Einstein” breed. These dogs are best for the families, which can provide them with affection and exercise. The color variations of Aussiedoodle are mostly related to that of Australian Shepherds like blue merle, black, sable, and red tri, etc.




Weight: 10–30 pounds


Height: 11–17 inches


Aussiepom is a mixed breed of Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian dog breeds. Aussiepom is relatively a new dog breed, and its temperament can vary hugely because of very different types of parents. Aussiepom, if trained properly, are good family dogs and will show affection toward people of all ages. The coat colors of Aussiepom are a mix of both parents and are rarely available in single solid colors, whereas the coat is medium-length and requires grooming once or twice a week.


19.Australian Cattle Dog


Weight: 10–30 pounds


Height: 11–17 inches


Residents of Australian soils, these dogs were bred for herding cattle and are still fit for the job. This breed demands a lot—a lot! — of exercise and mental activities for a healthy lifestyle. The coloring of Australian Cattle dogs is mostly blue or red speckle, and they would typically shed once or twice a year, in clumps and within a week. They can be an excellent companion or family dogs if their physical and mental requirements are met properly.




20.Australian Kelpie


Weight: 25–46 pounds


Height: 15–20 inches


Australian Kelpie is a strong, fun-active, and energetic breed from Australia. Appearance-wise, they are medium-size and are available in many colors such as black, brown, chocolate, red, or fawn. Kelpies were mainly bred to fulfill the purpose of herding livestock in hot weather, and they still are used in U.S. and Australia for the same task. If their physical requirements are not met, their destructive behavior would be hard to control. Novice pet and apartment owners should be aware of this aspect of Kelpie’s nature before buying.


21.Australian Shepherd


Weight: 35–70 pounds


Height: 18–23 inches


Despite their name, Australian Shepherd, they originate from the United States in the 1800s and are also known by the name “Aussie.” Bred originally for the herding of livestock, they still are famous shepherds in the United States and Australia. They are fun and happy when they have a task at hand and require plenty of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Its affection and loyalty towards family have no boundaries.


22.Australian Terrier


Weight: 14–16 pounds


Height: 10–11 inches


Australian Terrier, Littlest among working terriers, is an Australian dog breed. Originally bred for hunting snakes and rodents, the Australian terrier is an active, loyal, and alter dog breed with high energy levels, and it still possesses its original traits. Available in blue and tan, red, and sandy colors, its coat length is about a couple of inches. If their needs are met, they are best for families looking for watchdogs or companions.




Weight: 23–29 pounds


Height: 33–55 inches


Azawakh is a valley in the Sahara Desert and the place of origin of the Azawakh breed. Azawakh are long, strong, and lean hunting dogs with an intimidating presence and higher energy levels. Azawakh breed is best suited for hot climates and has a shorter coat, which comes in black, blue, grey, grizzle, and all shades of brown. Their loyalty and affection for families and wary nature toward strangers fall them on the list of best watchdogs.




Weight: 30–60 pounds


Height: 20–25 inches


Originated from France, Barbet is a medium-sized water dog. This tireless swimmer was basically bred for water hunting games and for locating and retrieving birds. Barbet has a long curly coat with its face fully covered in hairs, and coat color ranges from solid black to white. They are happy creatures and are fun to live with if their physical and mental requirements are fulfilled.





Weight: 22–26 pounds


Height: 16–17inches


Originated in South Africa and recognized by the AKC in 1944, Basenji is a purebred dog that can’t bark. It’s a compact-sized, small coated dog breed with a distinctive curly tail and colors. This breed was generally used in small hunting games and for controlling the rodent’s population in the village. Basenji are easy to train and make perfect companions, even for novice pet owners.




Weight: 45–70 pounds


Height: 13–20 inches


Developed in the 1900s through a cross between Labrador Retrievers and Basset Hound, the ambassador has inherited some of its parents’ best features. Because of two entirely different parent breeds, their temperament, behavior, and coat color could vary in individuals. But, overall, they are loyal, energetic, and attention-seeking dogs.


27.Basset Hound


Weight: 50–65 pounds


Height: 11–15inches


A pure-dog, Smaller in size with a mild temperament, Basset Hound is a French-born breed, mainly used in small hunting games of rabbits or rodents. When not chasing after their prey, Bassets are laid-back family dogs. They require an adequate amount of exercise for a healthy lifestyle since they are a lazy breed and would gain fat easily. New pet owners would find them easygoing if their daily diet and exercise is fulfilled.




Weight: 30– 60 pounds


Height: 12– 16inches


Beabull, as its name suggests, is a mixed breed of Beagle and English Bulldog breeds. They may look small and lazy, but their energy levels are quite the opposite, and they would demand a daily walk and other playful exercises. Beabull attaches itself to all the members of the family and is fit for both smaller and larger households. They have a short coat and are commonly available in white, gold, brown solid colors or in tri colors. 




Weight: 12–33 pounds


Height: 12–16 inches


Beaglier is a cross between Beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds. These pets have small compact bodies but are energetic, fast, active, and will most likely gain weight if not properly maintained. Their loving and affectionate nature and their capability to adapt themselves to both small and large houses make them ideal family dogs, but because of their vulnerability due to small size, they must be kept safe from overly excited children. 


30.Bearded Collie


Weight: 45–55 pounds


Height: 20–22 inches


Bearded Collie originates from Scotland and is a purebred dog with a long shiny coat. It was bred for herding livestock and for competing in different dog sports or competitions. Modern Collies have managed to carry their forefather’s traits and are still used in many dog competitions and sports. They require at least an hour of exercise daily and open space for roaming. Novice pet owners with an active lifestyle will find them charming and affectionate.


31.Bedlington Terrier


Weight: 17–23 pounds


Height: 15–17.5 inches


This particular breed was developed in the North of England as a hunter’s sidekick and killing

vermin. They now have evolved to become excellent watchdogs because of their old instincts of hunting and their loyalty towards their ‘hoomans.’ The most commonly appear in white colors and rarely in other colors or combinations of colors in a shiny curly coat.


32.Belgian Malinois


Weight: 60–80 pounds


Height: 22–26inches


Belgian Malinois are shot coated small-sized dogs from Belgium. They are fawn color dog breed with a black mask and resembles German shepherd in looks. Malinois are herding dogs and have higher needs for physical activities. With excellent protection instincts and intelligence, they can prove to be the best protectors of their families. They prefer to have a small social circle and are not recommended for new pet owners.


33.Belgian Sheepdog



Weight: 65–75 pounds


Height: 24–26 inches


Originated from Belgium, Belgian Sheepdog was developed for herding sheep in the 1800s. In profile, they are medium-sized dogs black colored (some may have white spots) breed with a double coat. Their fearsome personality and alertness make them ideal watchdogs in modern times, but with that, daily exercise is essential for its physical and mental stimulation.


34.Belgian Tervuren


Weight: 40–55 pounds


Height 22–26 inches


The most elegant and sensitive among the Belgian sheepdogs, Belgian Tervuren is a two centuries old breed from Belgium, developed for herding livestock. It is a highly trainable dog and can be an excellent choice for first-time owners. They have an overwhelming temperament and need plenty of exercise and a proper diet. Belgian Tervuren’s soft double coat and brown colors provide them with fascinating looks.


35.Berger Picard


Weight: 50–70 pounds


Height: 22.5–25.5 inches


Berger Picard is believed to be the oldest among French sheepdogs and has a short coat in fawn or gray color shades. They are lovely beings with distinctive rugged looks; these abilities have provided them with worldwide fame through movies. Their calm temperament and affection make them a good choice for novice dog owners, who can compensate for Picard’s physical need.




Weight: 70–90 pounds


Height: 23–29 inches 


Sweet, loyal, and friendly. Bernedoodle is a crossbreed between Bernese Mountain and Poodle dogs. With their big round eyes, calm behavior, and charming looks, they are best suited to be family dogs, even for first-time parents or with children. They are highly social creatures— with a wavy or curly coat— and demand the full attention of their owners. 


37.Bernese Mountain Dog


Weight: 23–30 pounds


Height: 23–27.5 inches


Made for rugged terrains and the tough climate of Switzerland. Bernese Mountain Dog is a heavily built, strong, and energetic dog breed. Mainly bred for herding cattle, they also possess watchdog capabilities and companionship. This breed is highly trainable and intelligent; these features would help inexperienced pet owners if they provide them an active lifestyle. Bernese are mostly tricolored and have a beautiful double coat.


38.Bichon Frise


Weight: 12–18 pounds


Height: 9.5–11.5 inches


Cute, charming, and cheerful, who would say no to this? Bichon Frise fits to this profile and will provide its owner with an abundance of love and affection. At first glimpse, Bichon might be mistaken as a children’s toy—because of its small body and furry white coat—and therefore, it should never be left alone with children. Bichons might look small, but their physical requirement is no less than an averaged sized dog.


39.Black Mouth Cur


Weight: 30–95 pounds


Height: 16–25 inches


Black Mouth Cur—like its name— has an intimidating and fierce presence. They are purebred working dogs and excellent hunters due to their large size and heavily built structure. These dogs don’t shed a lot, and a little grooming per week is enough to take care of its short coat. However, due to its high energy levels and exercise demands, it’s not recommended for first-timers.




Weight: 80–130 pounds


Height: 23–27 inches  


Bloodhound has its roots attached to medieval France and was bred for hunting boars and deer. Their hunting instincts have helped them to develop a keen sense of smell. This is the reason that they are used largely by law enforcement agencies. Overall, they possess a calm temperament and high intelligence. Bloodhound has a loose coat and is mostly black or brown tanned, and red-colored. 


41.Bohemian Shepherd


Weight: 35–55 pounds


Height: 19–22 inches


Also known as Bohemian Herder and Czech Sheepdog, this breed originated from the Czech Republic in the 1300s. This centuries-old Bohemian Shepherd is swift hunters, shepherds, and excellent watchdogs and will certainly shower love and loyalty on its family. Generally, they are well suited for children and apartment living if their physical and mental requirements aren’t compromised.


42.Border Collie


Weight: 30–45 pounds


Height: 18–22 inches


Border collie gets its name because it belongs to the hilly border area between Scotland and England. Collies were bred for controlling and herding sheep due to their intense stare. They are mostly double-coated and have Black hair with white spots. Highly energetic, alert, and loving, this breed will protect their families at all costs.


43.Borzoi Dog


Weight: 70– 05 pounds


Height: 23–33 inches


Borzois were used and bred for hunting and coursing in the cold weather of Russia. They were used in teams of two or three for hunting wolves, rabbits, or deer. Over time, they have evolved to become couch potato buddies. They can be an ideal pets for novice owners or apartment dwellers, who can maintain Borzoi’s long curly coat and provide them with proper exercise.


44.Bouvier des Flandres


Weight: 60–0 pounds


Height: 24.5–27.5 inches


Bouvier des Flandres originates from the European region of Flandres. They belong to the herding dog breeds and are heavily built, curly long-coated dogs. Tidiness might be an issue with this breed as home pets because their coat would collect dirt, and it will eventually spread indoors. They possess a strong personality and require early pieces of training for being an effective pet.




Weight: 65–80 pounds


Height: 21–25 inches


Boxer is a purebred dog and falls under the American Kennel club’s working-class breed, despite the fact that their ancestors were mainly bred as hunting dogs. With their square-shaped jaw, heavy body, sleek, short coat, and brown or fawn colors, they are no less than a star. Their intimidating and furious presence also makes them excellent watchdogs and family companions.




Weight: 40–50 pounds


Height: 12–14 inches


Bulldog is among the most famous dog breeds out there and are great companions to have. They were generally used to herd cattle and were sometimes used in a deadly dog competition called ‘bullbaiting.’ Bulldogs have now evolved to become an entirely different breed as compared to their ancestors. This active breed is good with children and make the best family dogs due to their alert and loving nature.




Weight: 100–120 pounds


Height: 25–27 inches


These muscular dogs are a successful mix of Bulldogs and Mastiffs. They have the powerful jaws of a mastiff and a heavy built of a bulldog. They say these dogs can sometimes defeat a wolf. Well, the idea might seem somewhat far-fetched, but it has some truth to it. In a fight, they can give the heaviest opponents a tough time. What else do you need from a guard?


48.Catahoula Leopard Dog


Weight: 50–95 pounds


Height: 22–24 inches


Described by American Kennel Association as “Loyal, Independent and Watchful.” Catahoula is truly the hallmark of loyalty. They have an innate urge to protect their family and their owners at any cost, which makes them excellent guard dogs. This breed is well muscled and is also pretty powerful. That, along with their agility and endurance, makes them a worthy contender for a top-ranked guard dog.


49.Cairn Terrier


Weight: 13–18 pounds


Height: 9–13 inches


Working-class terrier and smaller in size, this breed emerged from Scotland. Cairn Terrier’s main job was to get rid of rodents and vermin, but their alertness and ability to not trust strangers have made them good companions and family protectors. They do well with small families and apartment dwellers because of their compact bodies. Cairns are mostly seen in red, brindle, black, brown, and grey colors with a thick double coat.  


50.Carolina Dog


Weight: 30–65 pounds


Height: 17–24 inches


Carolina is a rare dog breed and is sometimes known as ‘Yellow dogs’ because of its characteristic yellow-looking short coat. They are pack creatures and can still be found in wild areas of the United States. Carolinas are independent dogs and would not normally show affection to their owners like other breeds. But they would certainly develop a strong bond with their families and other dogs. This breed fancies big house and family so that they have some space to thrive and burn all its energy.




Weight: 25–55 pounds


Height: 18–24 inches


Cavador, a mixed breed, is a cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Labrador Retriever. These dogs have some of the best qualities of both parent breeds. They are fun-loving family dogs who would demand its family attention at all times. Owners would have to make sure they fulfil their Cavour’s physical and mental requirements to avoid any destructive behavior.


52.Central Asian Shepherd


Weight: 88–110 pounds


Height: 24–28 inches


Central Asian Shepherd is one of the oldest dog breeds out there and are believed to be 5000 years old. Made for cold climates, these dogs are active and playful when outdoors. They are available in many colors; including black, brown, grey and fawn. These shepherds are extremely courageous and will not back down from any situation. Their temperament varies with the situation, though they are mostly quiet and calm, but will switch to furious side when they sense any danger.


53.Cesky Terrier


Weight: 16–22 pounds


Height: 10–13 inches


With their extraordinary looks and style, Cesky might be the poshed terrier out there. They have a distinctive—mostly brown and tan—soft coat. Their small size and moderate requirement of exercise make them perfect for apartment living and novice pet owners. They, however, need some grooming and trimming to maintain their adorable personality.





Weight: 27–45pounds


Height: 22–27 inches


Collies are native of Scotland and have also been bred in England for sometimes, mainly developed for herding purposes, they might look intimidating with their long coat and fierce personality. Collies are highly sensitive to medication and loneliness. Thereby, first-timers should avoid this breed as their home pet, but in experience hand, collies can be proven as the best companion one can have.




Weight: 16–32 pounds


Height: 15–19 inches


Dachshund is famous for its long body, exceptional character, and keen sense of smell. These have managed to pass their hunting instincts over the generations and are still used in many small hunting competitions and dog shows. Dachshunds are mostly cream or red color with a short coat and minimal grooming needs. If you are looking for a short, active, and wary pet, Dachshund might be the perfect breed for you.  




Weight: 45–70 pounds


Height: 19–24 inches


Dalmatian is a well-known breed, mostly because it had starred in Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” live show. Originating several centuries ago, these purebred dogs have been used for many purposes over the years. Their short white coat with black dots shed a lot! Therefore, proper grooming is required more than once per week. Dalmatians are highly social-able and love to be involved in, with that, they also require plenty of exercises.


57.Doberman Pinscher


Weight: 70–100 pounds


Height: 24–28 inches


Mostly known by its first name, Doberman Pinscher has an athletic body, strong build, and wary nature. These intimidating creatures from Germany were first seen in the late 1800s and brought to the U.S. in the 1900s. This breed is believed to be a cross of many dog breeds, including Black and tan Terrier, Rottweiler, and German Pinscher. Doberman is best suited for guard dogs, military or police work, competitions, and family companions and requires plenty of exercise.


58.Dogo Argentino


Weight: 80–99 pounds


Height: 22–26 inches


Fit for every job and household, Dogo Argentino is both loving and fierce by nature. This all-white-colored breed is best known for its intelligence and courage. They don’t back down from any situation and are banned in some countries for being used in deadly dog fights. But if they are trained from the start, they would certainly make you feel loved and protected.




Weight: 35– 40 pounds


Height: 12–16 inches


Drever is native to Sweden and is also known as “Swedish Dachsbracke.” Drevers are small-sized dogs with a short coats and are available in different colors. These family-friendly breeds, despite their small size, will require plenty of training and exercise. Drever can adapt themselves to small or medium apartments but would love to play in an open yard.


60.Dutch Shepherd


Weight: 50–70 pounds


Height: 21–25 inches


Showing close resemblance to its cousin breeds German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherds, Dutch Shepherd is a rare breed and was mostly used in farm works. They are energetic, highly trainable, and intelligent dogs and can be found in military, police, customs, and as family companions. They require a couple of grooming sessions per week available in all three coats and shades of gold and silver.


61.English Cocker Spaniel


Weight: 25–34 pounds


Height: 15–17 inches


These soft nature dogs are famous because of their long ears, which adds some unique and quirky looks to their appearance. Spaniels are medium-sized hunting dogs and would chase after small pets if not properly trained or socialized. Since English Cocker Spaniel is a sensitive dog, harsh training or strict behavior will have a negative effect on their personality.


62.English Foxhound



Weight: 55–75 pounds


Height: 25–27 inches


English foxhounds, as its name signifies, were used for tracking and hunting foxes and other animals. Clever, strong, and loyal, this breed has all been required for being a perfect guard dog and family companion. Most foxhounds have tri-colored with short and shiny small coats, which is fairly easy to groom. These hounds have high energy levels and are not designed for small apartments and novice pet owners. 





Weight: 40–70 pounds


Height: 20.5–23.5 inches


Eurasier has originated from Germany and is a medium-sized dog with a heavy built, thick double coat and moderate temperament. Being highly sociable, they are not aggressive toward strangers and can make excellent family pets. The coat colors of Eurasier are mostly Black, red, fawn, or sable, and despite their higher shedding rate, they are fairly easy to groom.


64.Fila Brasileiro



Weight: 90–180 pounds


Height: 23– 30 inches


Fila Brasileiro—with a black, fawn, and brindle-colored short coat—is one of the largest dog breeds out there that had originated from Brazil several centuries ago. Brasileiros were mainly bred for big hunting games and have been banned in some countries because of their fierce and aggressive temperament. Because of their large size and tough trainability, they are not recommended for small spaces or inexperienced owners.


65.Finnish Spitz



Weight: 20–35 pounds


Height: 16–20 inches


Finnish Spitz is believed to originate from Finland and has been awarded Finland’s national dog title in 1979. They are highly competent, curious, and talkative creatures, with a double coat in golden-red shades and a small body. Finnish Spitz has the tendency to bark a lot! And would chase after small animals or people if they are not in a fenced area.


66.French Bulldog


Weight: 16–28 pounds


Height: 11–12 inches


French bulldogs can be described as toy-sized bulldogs with short coats and loose, wrinkly skin. They were mainly bred as companion dogs and rat hunters in England, but they tend to be more focused on being family dogs and show winners in modern times. Their small body and sweet nature allow them to be the ideal choice for apartment dwellers and novice owners.


67.German Shepherd


Weight: 50–88 pounds


Height: 22–26 inches


One of the world’s most famous breeds, German Shepherds are easy-to-train dogs and will excel in almost everything that they are trained for. Their strong built, athletic, intelligent, and energetic body helps them to become excellent guard dogs, military dogs, police dogs, family companions, and much more. German Shepherds are available in all three coat lengths with different combinations of Black or pure Black. 


68.German Spitz


Weight: 21–29 pounds


Height: 12–15 inches


Also known by other names including, Spitz, German Spitz Mittelspitz, and Deutscher Spitz dogs. German Spits is among the oldest breeds from Europe. This small double-coated breed is known for its alert behavior, intelligence, stubbornness, and aggressiveness towards strangers. German Spitz is available in a variety of colors such as black, brown, wolf grey, and more. They require a moderate amount of exercise because of high energy levels but would adapt themselves to apartment living.  


69.Kai Ken


Weight: 20–40 pounds


Height: 15.5–19.5 inches


The standard description of the Kai Ken is a medium-sized dog with a dark coat, fluffy tail, and pointed ears. Kai Ken dog is considered one of the oldest, rarest, and purest dog breeds that originated from Japan. Still, due to its charming behavior, intelligence, and hunting qualities, the Kai Ken breed is now a well-known breed, especially in the United States and Japan.




Weight: 25–35 pounds


Height: 14–18 inches


Originally bred as a herding dog, Puli is known for its capability of learning commands quickly. Their herding nature makes them good guard dogs as they are naturally always at high alert. American Kennel Club uses words like Loyal, smart, and home-loving. Their distinctive coat sets them apart from other dog breeds, and therefore this breed will also add character to your home in addition to keeping it safe.




Weight: 45–75pounds


Height: 23–28 inches


This centuries-old breed has been used by hunters and gundogs in pointing different games and is considered to be amongst the best pointing dogs out there. They have a short shiny coat, different color variants, and an intimidating presence. Pointers also make excellent family dogs and will always make you feel loved and protected.




Weight: 100–132 pounds


Height: 22–27 inches


Probably the first dog breed that comes to the mind when you hear the words fierce and loyal protector dog. Rottweilers are known all over the world due to their excellent guard dog duty. There is, after all, a reason why this breed has been serving in many law-enforcing agencies. This breed is amazingly protective of its owners and won’t let any harm come in its way.


73.Romanian Mirotic Shepherd 


Weight: 100–130 pounds


Height: 22–29 inches.


As apparent from their name, this breed originates from Romania. This breed’s noble and protective qualities are evident from the fact that American Kennel Club describes them as Loyal, Independent guard dogs. Their large size is enough to make any potential wrongdoers think twice and probably a couple of times more before making a move on your family.




Weight: 40–63pounds


Height: 24–29 inches


Made for the hot temperatures and environment of North Africa, Sloughi is a medium-sized, athletic, and highly capable breed of dog. In appearance, they are slim and short-coated creatures with colors ranging in different shades of brown. These dogs are famous for their aggressiveness toward strangers but loving and caring nature for their families. Sloughi requires plenty of training for a healthy lifestyle and to avoid destructive behavior.


75.Spanish Mastiff


Weight: 140–200 pounds


Height: 28–35 inches


As the name suggests, Spanish Mastiffs have originated from the mountainous areas of Spain. This is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, and for that reason, they are known by many different names, but ‘Mastín Español’ and ‘Mastín de España’ are the common ones. Mastiff is commonly available in long coats of black, fawn, red, brindle, or in tricolors. These are highly independent dogs with a dominant personality, due to which they are not recommended for novice owners.




Weight: 45–65 pounds


Height: 20–24 inches


This breed from Hungary is famous for its hunting, guarding, and pointing capabilities. Vizslas are medium-sized dogs with quite an intimidating presence. Their short, smooth, and multi-colored coat is easy to groom and would shed at least twice a year. These dogs are described as “love-hungry” by their admirers, which means they would crave your attention and love.




Weight: 26–34 pounds


Height: 18–22 inches


In profile, Whippet is a cute-face, lean, and medium-sized dog breed. They were created in England in order to chase after small animals due to their lightning speed; this speed has provided them with another name, “poor man’s racehorse.” Whippets are short-coated dogs and are available in almost any ‘dog color you can think of. Being a ‘racehorse’ dog, they require plenty of exercise on a daily basis.




Weight: 20–45 pounds


Height: 12–20 inches


Whoodle is a mixed dog breed, which was developed from Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodle dog breeds. This breed has acquired some of the best characteristics from its parent breed. They are happy creatures with a short-sized body, long coat, and cute features. Woodley’s can be confused as a non-active breed because of their size, but they are energetic dogs and would require some open space to burn energy.




Weight: 30–55 pounds


Height: 18–23 inches


With their unique name and features, this breed is not like any other breed in resemblance. Xoloitzcuintli are hairless creatures and are believed to be amongst the first in its Kingdom to ever step paw in North America. Xoloitzcuintli have been used to cure different diseases through its body heat in early times. Years of breeding and evolution have made them excellent watchdog and family companions.


80.Yorkshire Terrier


Weight: 7–12 pounds


Height: 8–9 inches


Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest terriers out there with a long silky coat, and show-winning looks. This breed can be described as the favorite toy-dog of the United States. Since these dogs are smaller in size, they need consistent care and surveillance. Yorkshire Terriers are apartment-friendly dogs, but they possess a yappy behavior that should be taken care of in the early stages of its life.

If you already have a cat see here the list of dog breeds that would get on best with your cat. 

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