A comprehensive guide for CBD administration in Pets

  • Introduction

Having a pet is good for you for a diverse range of reasons, if you do not believe us have a look at this guide. However when they are in pain or they get old it is our turn to care for them that little harder and repay them back for all the great health and mood benefits they have given us.

There are many benefits of using CBD for humans and animals alike. CBD is beneficial if used as a medical supplement, and therefore the use of CBD is gaining more and more popularity. Animals, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system in their body which helps them to maintain their internal conditions at the optimum level. The use of CBD oils can significantly boost the functioning of the endocannabinoid system in humans and animals. Even then, there are pet-specific CBD oils that cater to their unique taste and needs.


CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoids that scientists have found in cannabis plants so far. Although benefits of CBD oils in animals are less documented than in pets, mammals like cats and dogs have similar body systems like us, and therefore if CBD oils benefit you, then they should benefit them as well. Common ways of giving your pets CBD oils include introducing your pet to CBD-infused pet food or via liquid CBD pills that can easily be mixed in their food.


  • Which CBD products are best for my pets?


Utmost care should be taken while choosing a CBD product for your four-legged friend as, unfortunately, there are heaps of fake and harmful products easily found in stores all across North America. These counterfeit products can not only cause allergic reactions in your pet but can also cause them serious medical problems, including kidney stones, heart problems, immune deficiency, eye problems, and various skin conditions. These fake sellers will stop at nothing to just make a quick buck without any regard for your beloved pets.  


Medical marijuana INC. offers an extensive list of safe and health-boosting products for pets. Medical Marijuana INC. is a professional and quality-driven provider of pet-specific CBD products. They are one of the few registered businesses in their field, and they take the health factor very seriously. You can easily trust their products as their products undergo vigorous tests before reaching the retail stores. Their products are designed to promote overall physical as well as mental well-being in your four-legged best friend, whether it be a dog, cat, or a horse.  


Following is a list of CBD-based products offered by Medical Marijuana Inc. for pet-specific usage along with their price tags in order to paint a better picture for you.


Hemp for Pets, Full Spectrum: 30$

Hemp for Pets, Pure Hemp oil: 60$

Hemp for Pets, Relaxation: 22$

Hemp for Pets, Joint Health soft Chews: 22$

 Hemp for pets, Soft-Baked Chews for cats: 24$


  • How do pets benefit from CBD oil?


CBD products are all derived from nature and are proven to be of great benefit to your pet’s overall health. CBD oils have been successfully used to improve the physical health of pets like Dogs, Cats, and Horses, etc., as well as the mental well-being of pets that experiences some mental trauma or loss. These cannabis-derived products help such pets calm their nerves down, and therefore such products are frequently used as therapeutic medicine.


The natural health benefits that administering CBD oils to your pets can provide are due to the structure and functioning of the endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid system is essential for maintaining Homeostasis in animals and humans alike. Homeostasis is the process by which our bodies maintain their internal conditions despite the changes in the surrounding environment, i.e., maintaining the internal body structure while your surroundings being below freezing. Therefore, it’s evident that Homeostasis is essential for maintaining your health. CBD oils help the endocannabinoid system by stimulating the various receptors spread throughout the body, giving a significant boost to the overall functioning of the endocannabinoid system.

Along with boosting your endocannabinoid system, CBD oils derived from hemp plants are also jam-packed with various nutrients and vitamins. These additional supplements serve to fulfill

any deficiency in your pet’s body and also give a boost to their immune system.


These supplements include vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, E and nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.


All in all, these CBD-derived products are complete packages that provide excellent care and benefits to your beloved four-legged friends. Once again, care should be taken while choosing a supplier of CBD products.



  • Do Pets Approve the use of CBD for Pets?


As mentioned earlier, CBD products provide fantastic health benefits to pets, and that’s probably why many veterinary science practitioners seem confident in the health benefits of CBD products and routinely recommend pet owners to use such products in order to boost the physical as well as mental health of their lovely pets. With that being said, the American Veterinary Medical Association is yet to weigh on this topic, but even they can’t disprove the medical usefulness of products based on and derived from CBD.


CBD products serve to improve the overall working of the endocannabinoid system and therefore lead to better cardiovascular conditions, stronger joints, improved Immunity, and calm of mind resulting in a happy and peaceful pet that is not only physically in good shape but is also mentally safe and sound and therefore is more expressive and loving. Using CBD products can significantly enhance the neurological activities in humans and pets alike.


Compared to a pet that is yet to be introduced with CBD-based products, a pet that is routinely provided with such products will always have a better skin condition. Their immune system will be extra charged, and their hearts will also be in better conditions, all due to the boosted functioning of endocranial and endocannabinoid systems.


  • Can CBD products Intoxicate my pet?


A very common query of pet owners who are thinking of introducing CBD products to their pets is that whether they can get intoxicated due to CBD products. Well, a simple answer to that is No, your pets won’t get intoxicated by using CBD-based products.


Most folks are not aware of the fact that it’s a very small part of the plant that is actually responsible for the intoxication effects of marijuana and not the entire plant. THC or better known as Tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical component responsible for all the intoxication effects commonly associated with the use of Cannabis.  


CBD products derived from hemp, which constitute pet-specific CBD products, have, in fact, close to no amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol, and therefore your pet won’t be at any risk of getting high by ingesting some CBD pills.


  • Advantages of Pet-Specific CBD Products.


CBD products produced specifically to be consumed by pets have various health benefits. Therefore, it is highly suggested to use only pet specific CBD products with your four-legged friends. Not only do those pet-specific products cater to their unique tastes, but they also contain nutrients essential for your pet’s well-being.

Below we have listed the three most important reasons and advantages for using only pet-specific CBD products.


  • Cannabinoid Concentrations that are more suitable for pets


Just like any other medicine, utmost care and regard should be given to the dosage of CBD when giving them to your pet. And therefore, giving them regular CBD products instead of pet specific ones might not be a good idea as those standard products are designed for Human consumption, and their dosage is according to humans and not according to pets. As nearly all pets are smaller than humans, therefore not as many cannabinoid concentrations 


  • Serving methods made Specifically for Pets

Pet-specific CBD products generally come in forms that are easy to administer to pets. They can be present as simple pouring liquids or pills that can easily be mixed in pet food without your dog or cat getting to know anything. These administering methods are meant for animals and are frankly an overkill and waste of money if used by humans.


  • CBD products that are formulated with flavors that pet love


Not all pets are fans of CBD’s natural light grassy flavor, and therefore these picky eaters might refuse to take CBD products. Therefore, CBD products are generally infused with flavors that are loved by pets. These flavors include Bacon, Apple, and sometimes Cinnamon. If you are looking for specific products take a look at the range by Flourish and Live Well


  • How to give pets CBD products


CBD products are designed to make administering them to your pets as easy as possible. Pets tend to resist any new things entering their mouths, and they might put up a fight the first time you try giving them CBD products, and therefore, products and techniques that make the administering sessions easier help a lot. There are few different types of CBD products for pets allowing you to decide which method works the best for you and your pet.

Following are some common administering ways you can use with your pet:


  • Mix CBD oil with food.


The easiest way to give your pet CBD product is by directly mixing them with their food. This method works best with wet food, but you can also apply this method to dry and homemade stuff.


  • Mix CBD oil with water.


Another easy method of getting your pet used to CBD oil is by adding CBD oil directly to your water. It’s a tried and tested method. One downside to it is that it gets hard to measure how much CBD oil your pet is taking in.


  • Apply directly to the mouth.


CBD oils can also be easily given to your pets by simply putting the measured amount directly in the mouth. In this way, it gets straightforward for owners to keep a record of how much CBD their pets are taking. This method might seem easy, but it depends upon the mood of your pet. They might not even let you open their mouth.


  • Use already made treats.

       Save you the hassle of fighting with your pet and measuring the amount of CBD, and just get pre-made pet treats that not only have a routine distribution of CBD throughout but will also be loved by your pets.


  • What is a recommended serving of CBD for Pets?


After deciding to give your pet CBD products, the first question that will come to your mind is how much CBD should you give to your pet and what is the recommended serving size for pets. Unfortunately, there is no well-defined answer to this problem as Food and Drug Administration is yet to suggest a dosage size of CBD to be administered to pets. The reason being the fact that the American Veterinary Association is still weighing over CBD products and their medical benefits to pets. And therefore, the Food and Drug Administration cannot come up with a recommended serving size.


Due to the lack of data on optimum serving size depending upon the species, breed, and size of pets, it is highly advised to start low and slow. This means that you should start with very small amounts of CBD and analyze how your pet reacts to that amount. Only then should you go higher but not too high and should keep following the policy of low and slow. It would be best if you kept a keen eye on how your pet reacts to the different amounts of CBD as it will be your only key in order to find the optimum amount of CBD for your pet in order for them to enjoy the benefits of CBD to the full. 


 Just like with humans, every pet will react differently to different amounts, and therefore just because a set amount worked perfectly for your friend’s cats doesn’t mean that the same amount will also work for your German Shepherd.

You can also consult your Vet in order to find the right serving size for your pet.


  • Get your pet started with CBD. 


We hope that after reading this useful resource, you are now equipped with all the information you need to get your furry friend started with CBD products in order to help them gain a better lifestyle with better physical health along with the peace of mind and a functioning mental well-being.

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